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Jake Robinson

Jake had been in the financial world since 1995 when he joined Roy Matlock Jr.‘s organization and then went on to open his own office under the same company banner. Jake and his wife Heather were one of 30 couples who volunteered and qualified to open their own office in the United Kingdom. Upon launching CitiSolutions, he built a successful office with over 100 licensed agents helping thousands of families and pioneering unique solutions for the financial markets of the Greater Manchester, UK area. Jake enjoys creating relationships with CPAs who advantage their practice to a team-based approach and using the Virtual Family Office concept. Jake is joined by his daughter Whitney, who brings her investment and marketing skills to their family business. They serve clients in the Greater Nashville area and enjoy working virtually with clients located in other parts of the nation.

Jake is married with two grown daughters, one granddaughter, and a grandson on the way. He enjoys beekeeping, brewing mead, and other micro-homesteading hobbies.

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