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Be a Part of TerraWealth™A financial services company built by advisors for advisors.

The TerraWealth model offers a limitless range of investments, insurances, and other financial products so you can work in the best interest of your clients without restrictions or product loyalties. In addition, our platform identifies the best balance of pricing and performance; making our independent advisor partners the most competitive in the industry.

It’s time for a full menu of products based on what is possible, instead of what isn’t. Including but not limited to: Annuities, Life Insurance, Medicare Solutions, Property & Casualty Insurance, and Mutual Funds. We’re forward thinking, growing, and not looking back. 

Make more money in less time while making a difference for others.

Independent AdvisorsIt’s time you were part of a company that encouraged and celebrated you.

We all want to be part of something bigger — a movement that realizes the massive opportunity for growth and reach within the financial industry.⁣ This is why we created TerraWealth and built it on principles and practices that will accelerate the success of our independent advisors and their clients. We’re committed to impacting people for the greater good — our value of service and empowerment influences everything we do. 

We are true entrepreneurs, and we want to see every TerraWealth financial professional profit and thrive. With a field-experienced leadership team, we provide a business model designed to support and advance you in your efforts to offer exceptional financial services. With a support team that genuinely listens to the advisors who represent them, TerraWealth provides the guidance and tools you need to truly become the business owner you’ve always wanted to be.⁣

  • Enjoy what you do⁣
  • See a bright future⁣
  • Work less, earn more⁣
  • Accelerate your success⁣

Be part of a company you’re proud of.

Serving ClientsWe celebrate our clients’ success and reward those who help them.

When you are part of the TerraWealth family, you have the drive to change lives. You get to know your clients and genuinely build relationships with them. You find out what their dreams and aspirations are. You understand what influences their spending habits and how you can sincerely teach them. You consider them more than a client — you call them a friend.

For us, people are what make the difference in our company. Our financial professionals are smart, intelligent, but most of all – caring.

TerraWealth provides training and coaching to our financial professionals, so they are experts at building lasting relationships.

We show our professionals how to streamline processes and systems using our state-of-the-art tech tools, so they have more time to focus on their clients. We demonstrate to our professionals how to build trust and show transparency so their clients know what to expect and make knowledgeable decisions.

Be in the people business: learn how to build client relationships that last.

Technology Forward SystemsMeet clients where they are: online

In this fast-evolving, technologically-driven world, it’s crucial for a company to stay ahead of the latest digital trends and communication platforms. Today’s client wants a company that can connect their entire financial story in one place. They expect and demand quick and efficient services that are streamlined and convenient to use no matter where they may be. We want to make it easy for clients to connect with their service professionals and see the overall trends in their spending, return on investments, insurance policies, and more right from their phones. 

Our commitment is to provide cutting-edge tools and integrated digital processing systems that make your job as a financial professional easier. It’s essential that every TerraWealth financial professional is represented in an impressive and engaging way to their clients. 

By connecting clients and their financial professionals through the latest digital apps and software, we can ensure clients are well informed and taken care of while mitigating human errors or delays. Financial professionals are free to focus on building stronger relationships with their clients while the tech does the heavy lifting of documents, processing, notifications, and more. With automated systems, you can serve your clients confidently, knowing that products and services will streamline conveniently into one place and on time. 

We reimagined financial services at TerraWealth. We pledged to pursue excellence by providing today’s best digital tools and technology. Clients can video conference from anywhere and chat at any time. This allows for open dialogue and transparency, crucial for building trust and an exemplary reputation. 

Not only do we provide custom tech and digital finance tools, but we also leverage existing platforms like social media, allowing our financial professionals to interact with existing clients while generating new interest leads through digital sales funnels and multi-media. 

The financial client of today is online – and that’s exactly where TerraWealth meets them. By using the latest technology, trends, and innovative ideas, TerraWealth keeps its service professionals and financial clients well-connected, informed, and engaged – creating stronger relationships and reputable confidence.

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