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Our StoryAs the founders of TerraWealth™, our story is really about you.

We left successful careers at other firms, and put our life savings on the line because we believe that advisors and their clients deserve better than the status quo. With over 150 years of combined experience in the financial industry, we eliminated the nonsense and built a firm with cutting-edge technology, an empowered team, and unbiased product offerings – simply because we want to offer you the best. We are fully equipped to empower you with the support and services needed to build successful independent advisory services, and a confident financial future for clients. We are passionate about empowering our advisors and those they serve.

Executive Team  

  • Founder & CEO

    Scott is a 17 year veteran of the financial services industry. He is a passionate strategic leader with a servant’s heart who believes the greatest honor we share is through service to one another. “My passion is to strive for excellence in everything we do for our advisors and their clients.” Having spent most of his career on the outside looking in, he understands what makes the most successful financial practices thrive. He is leveraging that experience to create a uniquely exceptional ecosystem for the 21st-century financial professional.

    Scott’s relentless pursuit for improvements has led him to study at many prestigious training institutions. His designations were obtained from The American Institute of Financial Gerontology at UNC Greensboro as a Registered Financial Gerontologist and The Institute of Business and Finance as a Certified Fund Specialist. Scott has a unique background in Sudden Wealth and working with High Net Worth Families based on his training with the Money, Means, and Choices Institute.

    He majored in Business Administration and Economics at East Carolina University.

  • Founder & President

    Joshua has 16 years of experience in financial services. He began his career in risk management planning at the age of 20 while attending Purdue University for business & marketing. During this time, Joshua learned to day trade stocks and assisted in building a portfolio of rental properties with a local investment group. He quickly developed a love for financial services and a passion for educating people on the core fundamentals of building wealth. Over a decade of Joshua’s career has been focused on helping blue-collar, middle-class Americans get on the path to financial confidence. He and his wife Lauren have two children, Atlas and Blair. They love traveling and stay actively involved in several non-profit organizations in their community.

  • Founder & EVP of Business Development

    Jeremiah began his career in financial services in 2008. His successful business has been built by being accessible to his clients and being a clear communicator. Jeremiah enjoys working with his clients to define their objectives and is passionate about serving and teaching his clients how to properly steward their finances.

    Jeremiah married his wife, Alyssa, in 2006 and together they have four children. He and his family live in East Texas. Jeremiah holds a B.S. in Kinesiology from Oral Roberts University. Jeremiah proudly served eight years in the United States military.

  • Founder & Chief Acquisition Officer

    Duane retired as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Primerica and Chief Marketing Officer for Primerica Life and Canada after 32 successful years. Duane joined Primerica in 1987 as a Retirement Planning Clerk in the Mutual Funds Division. In June of 1997 he was promoted to Executive Vice President of Marketing and spearheaded the creation of a Regional Marketing division across the United States. The next 6 years Duane was instrumental in opening Europe for Primerica under the banner of CitiSolutions, first, as Head of Marketing for Spain, later as Country head of the UK. While living and working in the UK, Duane broke his neck playing rugby; now he gets to mentor others with similar injuries while also competing as an elite wheelchair athlete in three sports… rugby, racing and softball. A Native of Reynolds, Georgia, Duane is a graduate of Norcross High School.⁣ Duane currently resides in Atlanta, GA.⁣

  • Founder & Chief Compliance Officer

    David brings more than 3 decades of experience to TerraWealth. After proudly serving in the US Army, David joined Primerica Financial Services where he worked either directly with Primerica or one of its affiliate firms for more than 30 years. David also worked for Smith Barney Mutual and Legg Mason. In 2010 David returned to Primerica’s home office in Duluth. In his most recent role, David was responsible for all investment-related education with specific emphasis on creating and delivering required training related to FINRA’s Best Interest Regulation (Reg BI/Reg CRS) and the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Standards Rule for Financial Advisors.

    David believes that a firm’s greatest asset is a knowledgeable advisor. He is excited about the opportunity to create an environment giving advisors the right products and tools to provide the best possible experience. He is committed to creating and maintaining cutting-edge abilities with products, technology, and processing.

    David holds a BA in History and Economics from the University of South Florida and did his graduate work at Oglethorpe University.

  • EVP of Advisor Solutions

    With a robust career spanning over a decade, Emily Enriquez stands as a beacon in the financial industry. Her expertise, particularly in retirement planning and client communication, has been a cornerstone in her ability to assist advisors in elevating their service quality and in fostering the growth of robust businesses.

    Emily’s journey began at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a proud Tarheel through and through. Her roots have since flourished in Huntersville, NC, where she cherishes life with her husband, Brian, and their two sons, Noah and Wesley.

    At the heart of Emily’s professional ethos is a deep commitment to delivering personalized and expert financial advice. Her approach is both transparent and pragmatic, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you’re an advisor seeking to streamline and modernize your practice, or a client in search of clear and actionable financial guidance, Emily is dedicated to helping you navigate your path to success.

    Embark on your financial journey with Emily Enriquez today – your partner in achieving your goals with confidence and clarity.

  • EVP of Technology & Marketing

    Annette is thrilled to be part of the TerraWealth team, having collaborated with the firm since its inception while working at Katiko Creative, the boutique marketing firm behind TerraWealth’s image and social media. Annette’s strong marketing and IT background makes her a valuable addition in today’s competitive market.

    Deeply aligned with TerraWealth’s mission, Annette played a crucial role in shaping its brand identity from its foundational phase, influencing everything from its name, logo, and core imagery to its website. Her work also significantly impacted the company’s design collateral, social media presence, and brand story.

    Boasting over a decade in web design and 7 years in branding and marketing, Annette is passionate about developing business-optimized tools and conceptual branding that fosters genuine connections and promotes growth. She is dedicated to leveraging her creative and technical knowledge to contribute to the brand’s ongoing success. Outside of work, Annette enjoys gardening, craft coffee, and spending quality time with her nieces.

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