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Karen Dins

My passion for becoming a financial advisor is a direct result of my personal experience navigating my own financial house. I had plenty of “products” sold to me through the years, but I had no one guiding me towards managing, growing, much less protecting, my money; no one took the time to educate me by asking me the right questions, allowing me to create goals for my immediate future, my retirement, and beyond. None of those “products” resonated with my personal experiences and values. It is my desire to change that experience for others.

In my eight years as a fiduciary financial advisor, I have dedicated myself to understanding and appreciating my client’s unique situation. I focus on educating individuals and families, so they can make informed decisions in managing their money, reducing their debt, protecting their income, and creating wealth for the present and future. One of the reason’s I love being a financial advisor is that I believe that lives can truly be changed by design.

When I am not spending time helping my clients protect and grow their wealth, my family remains the biggest part of my life, all my siblings living within 5 miles of me. When I am not with them, I can be found enjoying the beautiful Wisconsin outdoors, volunteering at an assisted living home, or spending time with friends on the Wisconsin river.

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