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Jeff Fisher

As a 21-year veteran mathematics teacher, I decided to take a chance and entered the financial services industry during the Covid pandemic. I am so happy that I did, as my new career has become a passion of mine! My goal is to help families attain financial freedom by taking charge of their future. This includes finding adequate protection, eliminating debt, setting aside money for college, wishes, dreams and retirement. With my guidance, families gain the tools they need to live fulfilling and free lives.

Today’s families face major financial challenges. They’re being forced to downsize their goals and dreams – to settle for less; and it’s even more difficult post-pandemic. Advisors at TerraWealth show them how to change their lives for the better.

We assist Main Street families in getting affordable protection, investing for their future, and getting out of debt. As we teach fundamental financial principles not taught in school, we give them opportunities to build assets and transform their financial futures.

The majority of financial companies focus on the management of wealth and the servicing of high-net-worth individuals. Although we also serve these types of clients, we believe it is equally important to assist Main Street families across the country. As part of our educational approach, we teach our clients the fundamentals of personal finance as well as assist in creating financial plans in order to help them reach their goals.

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