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Tanya MarCia

Together with her husband, Fritz, Tanya has helped maintain a thriving financial services business for the last 30 years.

Unfortunately, Fritz passed away in July 2021. Despite the heartache, Tanya chose to continue their family business with a particular focus on the needs of widows and widowers. She is particularly passionate about empowering women to educate themselves about finances and legacy planning.

In addition to being a licensed agent, Tanya also holds a license as a registered nurse. Her specialty was trauma and she spent the last few years of her nursing career as a nurse educator developing and implementing a residency program for nurses wanting to specialize in intensive care and emergency nursing. She brings her teaching acumen and commitment to providing excellent care and service to the world of financial services. Her clients appreciate her knack for putting them at ease and making complicated concepts easy to understand.

Like healthcare, financial health and planning can be confusing and daunting.

Having lost her husband and business partner suddenly and unexpectedly, Tanya is sensitive to what can happen when life throws you a curve ball. She is committed to being your advocate and helping you prepare for and navigate your financial future regardless of what may occur in your life.

In an effort to continue to provide continued expert financial guidance, Tanya has partnered with TerraWealth and the Thompson family to provide you with a wider array of services and a more comprehensive financial plan.

When she isn’t working, Tanya enjoys spending time with her beloved dog and adopted wild Mustang and his herd in New Mexico.

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