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Tim Thompson

Tim and Janelle Thompson have built their Advisory Business as a team dating back to the mid 1980’s.  Working together to create a business was a very appealing decision for them.  Tim was attracted to the financial industry to help people invest for themselves, their retirement, and to help people create generational wealth for their families by using products appropriate to their stage in life and their investing comfort zones.

Janelle was drawn to the education side of the business, customer relations and service.  She has focused her attention on agent licensing and compliance while ensuring their clients receive the highest level of service.

Through the years 2 of their sons and their spouses have joined them in the business, which makes for a family work environment and helps to keep each generation in tune with the other.

One of their core beliefs is bringing a holistic approach when working with their clients to provide for their individual situations and goals.  To accomplish this their team uses the 4D Consulting Process.  Simply said, this is a way to communicate with their clients to find out their objectives so a plan can be created for the client based on where they are now, and where they want to be. Once a strategy has been agreed upon with the client, it is implemented and the advisor continues to consistently meet with the client to review progress and to ensure the strategy is still appropriate.  We call these steps: Discovery, Design, Deploy and Due Diligence.  Working with clients in this manner has allowed the Thompsons to grow their business and strengthen their client relationships through the consistency and transparency of the system.

When Tim and Janelle are not at work, they love to spend time on the beautiful Wisconsin bike trails and enjoying the state’s many lakes.  However, Arizona calls in the winter where they also have advisors and clients and the chance to escape into the sun.  

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